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This New Silence, Mark Tarren’s first poetry chapbook, pays homage to his first year of living on remote Norfolk Island in the South Pacific, and his love affair with its natural wonders, birdlife, bountiful land and sea, turbulent history, resilient people and their living culture.

He finds words in the salmon light of the setting sun descending into the sea of azure and foam and the roughhewn flesh of a fisherman’s hand. He discovers them clinging to the boards of the longboats, taking tender flight with the breath and wing of the shorebirds and shuddering in the eternal song of the grey fantail. He hears them in ocean winds through the forest and in the crashing of waves on fringing reefs.

Mark follows in the footsteps of writers who travelled across the seas to Norfolk Island, seeking a different way of life to that of ‘The Other World’.

“To be a writer on Norfolk Island, is to be in love with the sound, the shape, the breath and the power of words - to be visible in that gilded light through the pines. Here, creating art as a good, true and beautiful life-giving act is a valued pursuit in and of itself. It is intrinsic to the emotional topography of life on Norfolk.”

We, who possess the honour of lions run free, we run with the wind and the sand and the shore.